About us

We are a young and dynamic company that has turned its hobby into a career.


"Phones" everyone knows them, everyone has one. The small electronic treasures have long since become indispensable in our daily lives! To protect them optimal or to skillfully put them in scene is a shell inevitable!


We made it our mission to identify trends and implement them with style, design and original taste in particular for cell phone cases. Cadorabo stands for products that are innovative, tasteful and exclusive. They have a high quality and have that certain something! Mobile Phone Cases by Cadorabo offer the perfect blend between Cases and Lifestyle products and thereby turning your electronic companion in a eye-catcher!


Many of our customers regularly browse our wide range of products in search of an individual and tasteful cover for their electronic gem! This makes us proud and is for us always new motivation to further expand our product range!


We look forward to be able to convince you of our exclusive products soon!